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About Us - Millar Functional Medicine

303 Williams Ave SW, 

Suite 134
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
(256) 513-4888  ●  (256) 513-4889 fax

Directions: Located in Park Plaza: Across the street from Big  Spring Park and the Huntsville Museum of Art and across the street from the new AC Hotel downtown. 

Millar Functional Medicine home of alternative medicine and holistic health for Huntsville, Madison, Decatur and the Tennessee Valley. 

Directions to Our Clinic

Directions to Our Clinic

Directions to Our Clinic


Go to Williams Ave SW downtown Huntsville Alabama. 

Plenty of Free Parking

Directions to Our Clinic

Directions to Our Clinic


Located in Building #1, (the gold mirrored 3 story glass building) in the middle of the complex, 3rd Floor  Suite 134  

Choose Health with Millar Functional Medicine

Millar Functional Medicine is an integrated multi discipline holistic and natural health clinic where we practice alternative medicine.  There you will find Functional Medicine Doctors, Doctors of Naturopathy, Medical Doctors, Massage Therapist and Counselors. .Practicing natural holistic health we strive to get to the root cause or true cause of your symptoms. and treat that root cause. We practice "health care" not "sick care" meaning we will not give you a pill for every ill. We find and treat the underlying root case or true cause of your problem.  Our goal for every patient is to have Optimal Health. 

Optimal Health is not just the absence of disease or symptoms but the body and all of its systems functioning optimally.. We start every patient with real food, good water and clean air. Then we add in a Lifestyle reboot. No too aggressive, but we encourage our patients to choose health. one choice at a time. We teach them, "a little better everyday in everyway". We blend in diet, rest, exercise, activity and mental state. We use nutrition, specific supplements, detoxing and lasers to heal the body, 

We use sophisticated genetic DNA testing where we look at 25,000 protein genes and 900.000 SNP's (single-nucleotide polymorphism) or variations around or close to your genes. This allows us genomically to determine if we can turn on any genes that need to be turned on or turn off those that should not be turned off. Next we look at advanced gut testing for digestion, absorption, good and bad bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungal overgrowth and parasites. We then create a plan to fix the gut. This may require us to remove food allergies and sensitivities. We also look a the toxic load of the body by looking at 1) Heavy Metal toxins 2) Chemicals - Agricultural and Industrial 3) Mold toxins.  If your toxic then we will suggest True Cellular Detox to detox at the cellular level. 

We then march down the Optimal Health Arrow till you reach your Optimal Health. We way your Optimal Health because Optimal Health is different for each of us based on our unique DNA, Toxins, Lifestyle, Diet, Rest, Exercise, Activity and Mental State. 

We are accepting mew patients from Huntsville, Madison, Decatur and the Tennessee River area.