Choose Health with A Functional Medicine Doctor

Choose Health with A Functional Medicine Doctor

Choose Health with A Functional Medicine DoctorChoose Health with A Functional Medicine DoctorChoose Health with A Functional Medicine Doctor

Optimal Health is not just the absence of the disease or symptoms but the body and all of its systems functioning optimally. 


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about functional medicine and us. We hope you enjoy our site.

Getting Started

Life Changing Results

Functional medicine is a personalized systems approach where the Doctor looks at the whole body as one, naturally.  Using holistic medicine and alternative medicine the functional medicine doctor gets to the "root cause" or true cause of a problem and not just the symptoms; and, then treats that real or true cause.  It incorporates the use of sophisticated testing from traditional and functional laboratories to aid in finding the true cause. By treating the true cause we get "Life Changing Results"

Building Trust

At Millar Functional Medicine, healing is based on a partnership between you and your doctor. It's a process, a journey we take together. Remember Doctor means teacher not healer. So our job is to teach you how to naturally take care of your problems as they come up. It’s common to feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning or even after your first few visits. For years you have been going to the Doctor for "Sick Care" where he or she spent 10 minutes with you, grunted and said "take these."  Now your coming to us for "health care" or "wellbeing care".  This is an entirely different process. This is why we want to provide guidance for how to get started on your healing journey.

First we will start with the most through history you have ever been through. You have asked us an awesome responsibility that is to be your Doctor. The more we know about YOU the better health decisions we can advise you on. This normally takes 1-3 hours over several visits. We do not charge every visit during this time. We charge a single intake fee of $300 (can be split into two payments of $150) no matter how long it takes. Next comes a through physical exam going over your problems. 

Next, it is important to understand that healing depends not only on doing the right things, but doing them in the right order. Doing the right thing in the wrong order may result in failure or worsening of the illness. Finally, natural healing takes time. It took you a while maybe even years to get into your state of sickness; and, it will take time to reverse the process and heal the body naturally. 

The Right Order of Things: Peeling The Onion of Chronic Disease

As we begin your journey to optimal wellness, there are often many things to do; and, it is difficult to choose which to do first. Illness is never simply one discreet process or dysfunction, but rather a bundle of factors - genetics, early influences, environment, diet, lifestyle, habits, travel, stress, relationships, work and beliefs - woven into your story and biology. Understanding the true causes, or root causes, for your illness is an essential task to determine where we start first, which layer to peel away, or which knot to untangle in the web of physiologic dysfunction, symptoms and disease.

Over the past 22 years in practice, the Doctors and health practitioners of Millar Functional Medicine have established principles and well-traveled routes to healing that are straightforward. These enable us to make sense of chronic disease and involve examining the entire body system. This is what we call Functional Medicine. 

Our first task, as partners, is to seek the root or true cause(s) of your illness, your "Why". We have identified six root causes for illness: Genetics; Inflammation; Toxins, Allergies & Antigens; Infections: (Bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, parasites, and prions); Stress; and Lifestyle. Our second task is to identify and implement the five “ingredients” needed for your optimal health and biological function. We have found after years of practice that Diet, Rest, Exercise, Activity and Mental State are essential elements of Optimal Health. Then you learn to DREAM Optimal Health and Wellbeing by implementing DREAM lifestyle changes. 


The presence of any one of the six root causes of disease and the absence of any one of the five optimal health essential ingredients creates imbalance in the body's physiological processes and systems and lays the foundation for chronic disease. This often expresses itself genetically through SNP's by turning on or off a gene or group of genes. Together, we will become experts in assessing the deficiency of these "ingredients"  and provide the necessary conditions for healing. Throughout your journey to optimal health, you will think less of "naming your disease" and more about understanding what is your Root Cause or True Cause of your disease or problem and What Is Your Why.


Fortunately, the body knows how to heal itself if we remove the impediments and provide the proper conditions and nutrients in the right order. It takes time, patients and persistence. The trick lies in having a

place to start and understanding how to peel back the layers of dysfunction and in what order. So we want to teach you a easy to remember acronym: DREAM. Live your DREAM. Where "D" stands for Diet (anything you eat or drink); "R" stands for Rest (both sleep and downtime); "E" stands for Exercise (in all of its forms); "A" stands for Activity. (motion is life and life is motion); and "M" stands for Mental (in all of its expressions like, stress, happiness, guilt, worthiness, love, community and relationships). We want you to DREAM Optimal Health & Wellbeing. Help us to help you to live your DREAM and Live Longer, Younger.

What is the Right Order?

One of the biggest problems is most doctors do not have an overall plan for your health and wellness. They do a little of this and a little of that and hope that you're all better. We have found that a recipe for failure.  Years of experience has taught us that if we follow a plan where together we systematically work on specific areas of the body one after another gives us the best success your gaining optimal health.  

So at Millar Functional Medicine these are our 9 steps on your journey to your optimal health. These 9 steps are listed in our order of priority for finding and treating the underlying or True Cause of your chronic illness.   This is how we practice Functional Medicine. And, what we have found leads to the most success in healing. Sometimes we take them out of order doing like doing the last step first or the first step last. Sometimes we will do multiple things at once. Healing is a process, a journey, and not always a linear one. we tailor the treatment to you – making adjustments each step along the way until we get it just right, for you. 

In order for you to obtain optimal health we must set goals. A goal is a do list with a timeline. Don't worry we will be right there with you each step along the way. We often start by telling patients, "Don't try to do to much all at once."  It's better to do a little better everyday in everyway. We find many patients want to work on one new area of the Optimal Health arrow a month. Some want to go faster. Some patients take longer especially if they have more serious conditions. But all need a plan and a some goals. We want your goal to be Optimal Health so you can Live Longer, Younger. 

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9 Step Plan for Optimal Health